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District Landmarks


                                              Radhanagari Hydro-electric Scheme


This was the first major irrigation work in the district. The scheme was originally started by the former Kolhapur State in 1908 during the period of Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj mainly as an irrigation scheme. The famous engineer Vishweshvaraiya had been involved in planning the dam, built on river Bhogavati. It was constructed up to 40 feet in 1917 and it was only after 1946 when construction got momentum and it was completed in 1957. The maximum height of dam is 140 feet and is 126 feet over river-bed with top width of 18.4 feet. The storage capacity is 239.53 MCFT and command area is 26560 acres.

It has a power house at its  foot with  24 MW capacity. The project has  brought a  large area in  Radhanagari,  Karvir, Hatkanagale and Shirol   talukas of the district under   irrigation. This project has   given   start  to a number of irrigation projects  and  today, district has  one  of  the  largest  area  under  irrigation  in  the  state. The Kolhapur type Weir ( K.T. Weir ) is famous all over the country. The district also boasts of a number of co-operative lift irrigation societies.


Dairy Co-operative Movement

Milk Collection

The Kolhapur district is a leading district in dairy farming and it boasts of milk-production with huge exports of milk and milk-products. The  setting  up  of  dairies  Gokul,  Warana  and Mayur is a landmark in economic development of the district especially Gokul Milk Co-operative which is one of the biggest dairies in India.


Warana is a classic example and excellent Manifestation of RURAL CREATIVITY In a real sense of the term. Late Sheri Tayasaheb Kore, A legendary name in  the  co-operative  Movement  in  India,  and a visionary Of unmatched qualities, founded the Sugar factory in WARANANAGAR In 1959 and the stone started rolling. He set the pace and never looked back.


Kolhapur can be regarded as one of the main and pioneering centers of the film industry in Maharshtra State beginning from 1930's. The pictures produced are social, historical and mythological and mainly in local language which are in marathi. There are two well known film studios namely Jayprabha Studio and Shantikiran Studio.


The first silver ornaments workshop was started at Hupari in 1904 and very soon it made the district well-known place for silver ornaments in India.


The setting up of Kolhapur Agriculture Produce Market Committee in 1945 and Gadhinglaj Agriculture Produce Market Committee in 1948 was a major landmark in the marketing history of Kolhapur District. Shahupuri Peth and Pirajirao Peth are two main marketing centers of Western Maharshtra.


The opening of Miraj-Kolhapur Railway Line on 21st April 1891 paved way for Kolhapur's entry on Railway map of India.


The setting up of C.P.R. Hospital by Ex-Kolhapur state in the year 1884 provided district with the up to date medical facilities and with the opening up of Cardiac Centre in 2001, it has become one of the few Government Hospitals in the state with such facilities


Warana Wired Village Project (WWVP)

This is the first IT project of its kind to be set up in rural India. It aims to demonstrate the use of information technology in accelerated socio-economic development of rural India.