1. For downloading Marathi_IME layout from Click here.
  2. For downloading INDIC.exe from Click here.
  3. Install Both s/w on windows Computer. Install Marathi_IME_layout first.
  4. While installing INDIC.exe click on Install Complex Scripts. It may require reboot the system.

  5. Go to Control Panel of Windows XP
  6. Click on Regional and Language Options
  7. Click on tab Languages.
  8. Click on Button Details.
  9. For better performance If there is any langauge other than English please Remove remaining languages.
  10. If there is Marathi Please remove it also.
  11. Click on Button Add.
  12. Select Input Language Marathi.
  13. Select Keyboard Layout/IME Marathi Indic IME 1 (V 5.0).
  14. Select your any s/w Word/Excel/PowerPoint.
  15. Do regular English typing as usual. Please see towards  on screen.
  16. If you require Marathi Typing press left [Alt]-[Shift]. This will cause EN will be MA.  
  17. Now see also .
  18. If you are interested to other fonts than UNICODE again press left [Alt]-[Shift]. This will cause MA will be EN.
  19. By which we can type English. If require can shift to ISM also.
  20. If you want to alter Keyboard click on keyboard. This will cause display

From this we can change what ever keyboard layout we required. We can show as help keyboard on screen it can place anywhere on screen as given below.

For easyness use Marathi Remington (CBI) keayboard Layout.

According to Marathi Grammer ( अंकलिपी) Inscript is better than other.keybards,


This is sufficient for [UNICODE / INDIC / Mangal] font typing method.